Unsecured Business Loans 101

Unsecured business loans come in a couple of varieties which we will discuss in detail in today’s discussion. In general these loans are either backed directly by your company or back through your personal credit or assets. Unsecured business loans differ from secured loans in that there is no specific backing capital behind the loan.

Although all lenders have the right to seek recourse by attempting to seize your assets in the event of nonpayment, these loans do not have a particular item which backs them. An example of a secured loan would be something like a property loan which is backed by the property which is being purchased specifically.

There are certain unsecured business loans which are in fact not actually business loans. If you have a very new company with no established business credit or history to speak out you may be required to personally guarantee any loan which you seek out. In this way you are actually the borrower and not your company even if the funds are being used for the purpose of your business. Alternatively you should attempt to cosign on a loan which is directly lent to your company. In this way you can assist your company in building up its business credit score. It is important to note that your business has a credit score which is separate from your own personal score which must be improved separately.

Loans of this type as previously mentioned have higher interest rate then loans which are backed by a specific asset. As such these should be used appropriately and should be only one small part of your planning for future funding. Having said that they are faster to obtain typically then secured loans from traditional lenders and this makes them very useful for specific needs. You should follow the basic rule of thumb of comparing the potential opportunity to the cost of borrowing funds when making a decision whether or not to borrow money in this way.

Unsecured small business loans can be a very powerful tool in funding your short to midterm business needs. Typically for smaller new businesses it will be very difficult to borrow more than $50,000 and as such these are not well designed for large-scale business planning. If you are unable to get loans for long-term planning you may wish to look into funding your company in other ways such as using venture capital or taking on partners with additional financial resources.

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