What is an Unsecured Business Loan?

Today we will be discussing what an unsecured business loan is and how these work. In general this is a type of business loan which does not have any backing capital and has typically a slightly higher than average interest rate. We will discuss some of the details of this lending type in today’s discussion.

As mentioned briefly above what makes these loans unsecured is the fact that they do not have any backing capital. An unsecured business loan can be a good option for companies that do not have a lot of physical assets such as service companies. Typically if you are looking for long term funding it is better to attempt to back your loans with some type of capital as this will result in a lower interest rate on average. If you require funding in the near to midterm then an unsecured loan may be your best option.

Loans of this type are funded through various organizations and not only through traditional lender such as banks. One type of lender which commonly offers loans of this type is specialty niche lenders. These lenders have expertise in various fields and lend to companies in those areas. They use this expertise in order to better assess your economic viability based on factors other than your business credit score or business history. Although it is possible to also get funded through a traditional lender such as a bank in this way it is typically much more difficult and there will be additional requirements such as demonstrating several years of business history as well as detailed financial reports outlining your past revenue reports as well as reasonable predictions about your future profitability.

In short, an unsecured small business loan is designed to pay for your expenses which are more immediate then long-term goals such as the purchase of additional real estate or the retooling of major equipment. They tend to be slightly more expensive than secured loans and have slightly less stringent requirements in terms of funding. Which loan type you use is largely dependent upon your needs and there is no one right answer in terms of the correct way to fund your company. It is a good idea to sit down with an accounting professional to discuss your circumstances so that you can make an informed decision as to which loan type would work best for your company.

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